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February 2009


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This is the first e-Newsletter for 2009 or the New Year’s edition. It is also the procrastinator’s edition since it is a month late!


Board of Directors Increases the Road Bond


The Board of Directors voted unanimously at their November Board meeting to raise the Road bond to $5,000, of which $1,000 will not be refundable. This change will become effective March 1, 2009.


Front Entrance Video Surveillance System becomes Operational


 Incidents of vandalism at the front entrance over time finally compelled the HOA to install a video surveillance system at the front entrance.  The surveillance system was proposed along with additional lighting by the Community Watch Committee during first quarter of 2008 but the Board was reluctant to spend such a large sum at that time given that nothing of any significance had happened since 2006. It wasn’t long after the BOD decision not to pursue the surveillance system that the exit gate was damaged by a concrete truck during the late spring to the tune of $5,800 (fortunately, several lot owners were nearby and pictures of the truck were taken when it hung on the exit gate and because of their quick thinking the HOA was able to recover the cost of repairs from the company that caused the damages). During August 2008 the gate keypad and the high pressure sodium landscape lighting was damaged by vandals with the cost of repairs exceeding $3,000. These series of incidents plus feedback at the 2008 Annual Meeting moved the Video Surveillance System project to the highest priority for the incoming Board. Fortunately, the initial work done by the Community Watch Committee to scope and cost the project enabled the project to get going quickly and the system was installed and became operational before Halloween.


Work Day & Oktoberfest Recap


Fall and Spring Work Days are days for the neighborhood to work together sprucing things up and then socializing at the end of the day.


Although the weather delayed the fall work day a week, about 20 Association members participated in the semi-annual “fall cleaning” and did things like the fall planting at front entrance, policing the marina area, cutting up trees which had fallen out of the tree line in the neighborhood, cutting a large tree as well as cleaning up debris and trash on the 

Islands and picking up trash on Laurel Cove Road. Getting this work done for just the cost of materials is a cost savings for the HOA.


The Oktoberfest Social was a fun way to end the day. The brats, hot dogs and chili with all the “fixins” hit everyone’s sweet spot! All the food and especially the deserts went quickly. Thanks to The Social & Welcoming Chair Doris Wilson and her committee for an exceptional end to a grand day.


Annual HOA Holiday Bash Recap


There were more than 40 party goers at this year’s Holiday bash. The merrymaking started at 7PM and ended sometime after midnight. All remembered when the revelry began but few remembered precisely when it ended! The amount and variety of food was overwhelming and the diversity (and mixture) of beverages consumed was amazing. Many world, national, local and HOA events (some of which were political) were rehashed and noteworthy progress was made toward unraveling problems generated by these events in some corners according to semi-reliable sources. Anyways, thanks to Harold and Loretta Michaels for taking a chance with their lovely home and hosting the bash.


Budget VS Actuals Year End 2008


We had a peek at the 2008 financial results or Budget versus Actuals for 2008. First, actual revenues exceeded budgeted by about $5,500.Next, actual expenses were less than budgeted expenses by slightly more than $9,000. Lastly, Projects budget was under spent by slightly more than $8,000. This means that HOA has an extra $21,240 that could be applied to Reserves or 2009 Project Reserves by the Board. The Board voted to apply $11,000 to 2009 project Reserves Budget and the remaining $10,240 to Reserves, which increases the HOA committed reserves to $127,390. Not bad financial news for the HOA, especially in these difficult financial times.


Projects Update


Current status of HOA Maintenance and Capital Projects can be found on the Web Site under the Library tab. Projects completed during 2008 included the Repair of the Gatehouse Roof (M16), Repair of Access Path Erosion between Lots 102 & 103 (Project M17), Secure the Irrigation System Controls (M19), Install Motion Detector Lighting at Entrance Gate, Repair Lighting & add GFI Breakers at the Front Entrance (Project C17), Acquire laptops for Treasurer and Secretary to improve security and aid in BOD transition (Project C27) and Install Front Entrance Video Security System  plus add Additional Lighting at Front Entrance for Security (Project C29). The total cost of all these projects was $9,089.


What is Next????


The BOD will be looking carefully at potential projects for 2009 during the first quarter. The most significant project being studied is the Marina Pavilion Project. Current thinking with regard to this project is to determine the location, scope, cost, financial impact and timing of this potential project prior to the 2009 Annual Meeting and communicate this information before the meeting such that feedback can be obtained ahead of any steps being taken by the 2009/2010 Board of Directors.


Of course, the BOD welcomes input with regard to projects, e.g., new projects, priority of pending projects, etc.


Overheard at the Marina


Overheard at the Marina is intended to be “tongue in cheek” material that adds some not too serious stuff to the e-newsletter.


Some New Year’s resolutions overheard in various places over the holidays:


·        Next year I will conserve more water by avoiding taking a bath whenever possible

·        Dear, I promise that I will not tell the same story at every get together.

·        I resolve to spend less than one hour a day on the Internet. This, of course, will be hard to estimate since I'm not a clock watcher.

·        Next time, I will read the manual... if I can find it.

·        A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one Year and out the other.


Neighborhood Home Construction and Real Estate Update


Currently there are four (4) home sites with construction work in progress in varying stages. ARC approved all home construction packages received during 2008.


Remember, before construction begins an owner must comply with the requirements of the Architectural Review Committee. Home Construction Guidelines, Home Construction Guidelines Checklist and the new Plan Approval for Property Upgrades, Additions, and/or Improvements are available on the web site.




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