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Construction Guidelines

Harbor Watch Homeowners Construction Guidelines

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HWHOA Construction Guidelines (revised 3/5/21)

House Plan Design Style Preliminary Endorsement

  1. A preliminary endorsement of a house plan is a service provided by the Home Owner’s Association. A plan may be submitted by mail or by Internet link.
  2. Preliminary endorsement of a house plan style is intended to provide feedback on the acceptability of style of design only!
  3. Preliminary endorsement of a house plan does not preclude or obsolete any of the requirements of the Home Construction Guidelines, e.g., roof pitch.
  4. Preliminary endorsement of a house plan can generally be provided with the information listed below:
    • Location of lot house is intended to be built on
    • Front and rear elevation views of house
    • Floor plans for each floor
    • Heated square footage for each floor
    • Overall dimensions of house foot print
  5. Preliminary Endorsement of a house plan can usually be provided within 30 calendar days of receipt of the information listed in item 4.
  6. Currently, there is no fee for providing Preliminary endorsement of a house plan.
  7. Before construction commences, a Home Construction Package containing information as required by the Architectural Review Committee Plan Approval Check List must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee for review and approval.
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Harbor Watch Mailbox Requirements

Imperial Mailbox System

Where to purchase
Hoke Lumber Company off I77 Exit 30
347 Jetton Street Davidson, North Carolina
Telephone: 704-892-4841
Imperial Series: #119-Verdi Green
Required Components
Mailbox #9
Post #1
Number Plate #1
Newspaper box
Scroll Support Brace

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