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Dog Leash Policy

Harbor Watch Dog Leash Policy

The following text is the content of a letter sent to all property owners dated January 17, 2007.

The Board of Directors has received numerous complaints in the past few months concerning dogs roaming the neighborhood without leashes. Dogs roaming the neighborhood have been an ongoing problem for several years. In fact, this matter was discussed at length at the 2006 Annual Meeting.

The purpose of this letter is to ensure all residents and property owners with homes under construction that the Board of Directors intends to vigorously enforce the provisions of the restrictive covenants that address dogs not leashed and found off their owner’s property.

The Declarations of Restrictive Covenants of The Harbor Watch Subdivision General Use Restrictions Section 14 states in part “ Each owner must see to it that all owner’s dogs are kept on the owner’s property unless leashed. No dogs shall be permitted to roam the property and the Association may have strays and dogs not leashed and are found off their owner’s lot picked up by governmental authorities.”

The Board plans to utilize the Enforcement Procedures for Covenants and Restrictions Violations that were implemented during 2006 to address violations of the Declarations of Restrictive Covenants. The procedure that will be specifically used to address violations of Declarations of Restrictive Covenants as it relates to dogs is listed below:
  1. The offending member will be personally contacted informing the member of the violation; the remedial action required; and the time within which the violation should be corrected.
  2. Should complaints of unleashed dog(s) continue, a warning letter will be sent from the Board again identifying the nature of the violation; referencing the specific provision of the Declaration, Bylaws, Rules, and/or Regulations that has been violated; and giving a specific date for compliance.
  3. Should complaints continue, a second letter will be sent from the Board advising that if complaints continue a fine of $25.00 will be levied. If complaints continue after the $25.00 fine is levied, a second fine will be levied in the amount of $50.00. Furthermore, additional fines will be levied for each such subsequent complaint received and at the discretion of the Board of Directors, the fine amount levied per the additional violations may be increased should the condition(s) not be properly addressed and the complaints continue.
  4. Fines must be paid within 30 calendar days of the date on the letter, which levies the fine. If the fine is not paid within 30 days, the fine will increase to $10 per day until the total levied fine balance is paid. Once the level of the delinquent fine balance exceeds $500, the Association may undertake legal action to collect the unpaid balance. The property owner will be responsible for all costs associated with the collection of the unpaid balance including attorney fees.

Additionally, The Home Construction Guidelines have been revised at the direction of the Board to include a provision that prohibits contractors and sub-contractors from bringing dogs on construction sites. Property Owners are responsible for ensuring their builder is aware and adheres to this provision of the Home Construction Guidelines.

The Board trusts that going forward all dog owners within Harbor Watch will be good neighbors and keep their dog(s) on their property unless leashed.

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