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Frequently Asked Questions
1.     How is the amount of the annual dues established each year?

 The dues are established each year based upon the next year’s expense budget, reserves and maintenance/capital projects. The Board of Director’s (BOD’s) approved budget is presented for ratification at the annual meeting during September each year.

2.     What do the dues go for?

Harbor Watch Homeowners Association (HW HOA) annual dues are used to maintain community common area landscapes, front entrance gates, two inland lakes and fountains in those lakes, boat docks and the boat storage area. Dues also cover expenses such as electric bills, Entrance Gate System phone bills, liability and hazard insurance, common area property taxes, any legal fees and administrative costs. A portion of dues is also used for reserves, which are funds set aside to maintain the private roads and other capital assets. Dues may also be used to fund any approved capital improvements within the common areas of the community.

3.     When are annual dues due? When does the late fee apply? When does interest apply? What is the interest rate?

The annual dues are due January 31 each year. Late fees and interest charges accrue beginning March 1 each year for any unpaid lots. As set forth in the covenants, the late fee is $25.00 and the interest rate on any unpaid balance is 1.5% per month (18% annual rate).

4.     Why are just undeveloped lots mowed?

Mowing just the undeveloped lots will reduce mowing & trimming costs over time as the community builds out.

5.     Why doesn’t the HOA contract for snow/ice removal on certain steep hills on Harbor Watch Drive for every snow/ice event?

Harbor Watch snow/ice removal will be on a case by case basis.  The snow/ice removal decision will be based upon the depth of snowfall and the forecast.  For example, if the snowfall is three inches or less and/or the forecast will result in a fast melting of the snow, the HOA would not plough the roads.  Conversely, if the snow storm is significant and/or the forecast does not lead to melting for a number of days, the HOA might elect to plough the roads.

6.     What is the procedure for notifying the BOD of possible Covenants and/or Restrictions (CR) violations?

The best way to communicate with the Board is to complete the online form, which may be found on the website by navigating the cursor to the “Contact Us” pull down menu and then selecting   “Contact Harbor Watch”. Your communication should include a description of the possible violation(s) and any supporting documentation, such as pictures, etc.

7.     Will the identity of anyone notifying the BOD of CR violations be protected?

 Yes.  The Board of Directors will independently review the possible violation.  If a Violation has occurred; the Board will correspond with the appropriate home/lot Owner and not involve anyone who first identified the violation.

8.     What is the process for notifying a lot owner of a CR violation?

Enforcement Procedures for Harbor Watch Covenants/Restrictions violations, including the notification process, can be found on the HOA Website by navigating to the Policies and Procedures pull down menu on the home page and clicking on Covenant Enforcement Procedures.tab.

9.     Why isn’t the entrance gates closed all the time?

The gates are currently set to always be open from 5:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Saturday and are closed on Sundays.  There are two primary rationales for this schedule.  Firstly, the US Postal Service currently will not deliver to homes within a private community if the gates are closed.  Secondly, at this early stage in the development of Harbor Watch, there are a large number of construction vehicles that need access during the week.

10.  Why don’t we turn over the maintenance of the private roads to the NC DOT?

Harbor Watch has about 3.5 miles of private roads.  Although the NC DOT has informed the HW Board of Directors (HW BOD) that the roads were built according to NC DOT standards, there are additional criteria that must be met before they would even consider accepting responsibility for the roads.  For example: the development must have a higher concentration of completed homes; a number of easement conditions must be met; and the gates must be removed. The criteria are ones that the Harbor Watch BOD is unwilling and/or unable to meet at this time.

11.  Can I attend a Board of Directors meeting?

Absolutely and, in fact, the BOD welcomes any Harbor Watch member who wishes to attend a BOD Meeting.  The Board is currently attempting to limit BOD Meetings to once a month.  The dates, times, and places of these meetings are posted on the Association’s Website (www.harborwatchhoa.com) in the Community Calendar, under the Features space on the Home Page. Should a member wish to attend, we would ask that the Board be notified in advance so that the host of the meeting that evening can ensure that suitable accommodations will be available.

12.  Why doesn’t the BOD publish minutes of BOD meetings on the WebSite?

Although the meetings of the entire membership of the Harbor Watch Homeowner’s Association are published on the HW Website, i.e., the Annual Meeting and the Town Hall Meeting minutes, the BOD believes that, since often the issues and discussions at the BOD meetings relate to and/or impact only specific individuals and their activities, in order to protect the privacy of the members and to avoid having the Directors feel constrained in offering their opinions on these matters, details of such issues and the ensuing discussions should not be publicly disseminated.

13.  What is the best way to communicate with the Board of Directors?

The best way to communicate with the Board is to complete the online form, which may be found on the website by navigating the cursor to the “Contact Us” pull down menu and then selecting   “Contact Harbor Watch”. Forms to contact the Board of Directors plus forms to contact the Architectural Review Committee, Maintenance, e-Newsletter Editor, etc.   If that is not a possibility, then write to them at Harbor Watch Homeowners Association, Inc. of Lake Norman, PO Box 5665, Statesville, NC 28687.

14.  Why doesn’t the Homeowners Association sponsor socials for special occasions, e.g., July 4, Labor Day, Christmas, etc.

The HOA sponsors an Annual Holiday Social during December.  Also, the HOA periodically sponsors special occasion socials such as Springfest and Octoberfest Socials at the Marina.

15.  How can I volunteer to participate in the Committees, e.g., the Grounds, the Architectural Review, and/or the Social & Welcoming Committees.

To volunteer for any activity, just contact the Board of Directors and the Board will refer you to the appropriate Committee Chairperson.

16.  Why do the lot owners on Laurel Cove Road have to pay the same annual HOA dues as those that have lots on the private roads inside the entrance gates?

As per the recorded Covenants that run with the land, all lot owners of Harbor Watch, regardless of where they chose to purchase their lot, have the same privileges and responsibilities.

17.  How can the Covenants and/or Restrictions be amended?

The requirements for amending the Covenants and Restrictions are defined in Article VII of the “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of Harbor Watch Subdivision” filed with the Iredell County Registrar of Deeds on 9/24/1997 in book 1041.  A copy of this document can be found on the Harbor Watch website, www.harborwatchhoa.com.  There has to be an affirmed vote of at least 66% of the owners to amend the Covenants and Restriction.  All signatures on a petition to amend the recorded documents have to be notarized.

18.  What is the official name of the HWHOA Corporation?

 Harbor Watch Home Owners Association Inc. of Lake Norman

19.  How do I go about being elected to the Board?

Contact one of the Board members and they will give your name to the Nominating Committee.  A member of the Nominating Committee will contact you for more information.

20.   Why can’t you leave your boat overnight at the marina?

There are a limited number of boat slips for the entire community.  Not allowing boats to be tied up overnight gives everyone the opportunity to dock their boat the following day, space permitting.

21.  What is the process for obtaining For Sale Signs?                                      

For Sale signs may be obtained by contacting the Chairperson of the Architectural Committee (ARC). Only uniform For Sale signs are permitted in Harbor Watch. The signs allow a telephone number and must have either "Owner" or "Broker" on the sign. The Chairperson of ARC will not order a sign until payment is received. Once the For Sale sign has been made, ARC will handle placing the sign on the property and notifying the owner when the sign is in place.

22.  How can I print a copy of the subdivision map?

First of all, you need to have the subdivision map with the For Sale signs displayed. You can do this by clicking on the first Quick Link on the home page.

All of the instructions below assume you are using the Microsoft Windows XP operating system on your PC and Internet Explorer (IE) as your internet browser. If you are using anything different they may not apply, i.e. Macintosh, or FireFox, Mozilla, etc.

Using your mouse, position the cursor somewhere inside the map and press the right mouse button, a little menu will be displayed with options. Options that are available are in black. Options that are not available are in grey.

One method is to left click on COPY. Then, open a word processing program like Microsoft Word, right click again and left click on PASTE. The image was scaled to fit legal size paper with .5 inch margins all around. Set up your page accordingly and print.

If the PRINT PICTURE is available then you can click on it.

23.  What are the rules for using the Islands? Can I reserve the island for a party?

The rules for using the islands may be found in the Property Owners Requirements & Responsibilities document Section 15. No, the islands can’t be reserved and are “first come first serve”.

24.  How do I get access to the Storage Facility? Are items that can be stored restricted?

Use of The Storage Facility is addressed in the Property Owners Requirements & Responsibilities document Section 14. Only Lot Owners who are current in their paid annual dues are permitted to use the Storage Facility. Lot Owners can contact the HOA Secretary to request access. The Storage Facility’s purpose, as set forth in the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants of Harbor Watch Subdivision is solely for dry boat storage. Items other than boats or trailers may be stored in the Storage Facility by special written permission of the HOA Board. The Board reserves the right to limit the number of items a Lot Owner may store at the Storage Facility and to change these restrictions as needed.

25.  How do I access the two inland lakes? Are the two inland lakes open for fishing to anyone in the subdivision?

Use of the inland lakes is addressed in the Property Owners Requirements & Responsibilities document Sections 11 & 12. Lot Owners, their families and invited guests accompanied by Lot Owners are limited to the stipulated access areas and surface waters of the lakes. Paths near lots 108 & 103 for the upper lake and near lots 95 and 130 for the lower lake provide access to the lakes. The largest stipulated access areas for both lakes are the dams. There is no right to trespass upon any lands adjoining the inland lakes without the consent of these landowners. Fishing in these lakes is “catch & release” only. Fishing during daylight hours is permitted to Association members and accompanied guests through the use of rod and reel, pole or hook and line only.  Only one fishing outfit per person with no more than 2 hooks is permitted








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