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September 2009
This is the just the third e-Newsletter for 2009 or the “almost fall “edition!!!We like to think of the publication as sort of “news ya’ll can use” or the “inside scoop” as the case may be.
Annual meeting
The Homeowner’s Association Annual Meeting will be held on September 27, 2009 from 3-6 p.m. at Bethlehem United Methodist Church, which is located at 607 Bethlehem Rd. Bethlehem Road is just off Old Mountain Road between I-40 Exit 144 and Buffalo Shoals Road.
BOD Nominees and Proxies
The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the slate of candidates for the BOD positions that become open at the annual meeting. The BOD is very pleased to have qualified volunteers run for the BOD openings. Thanks to those that volunteered and tossed their hat into the political ring!!!
The BOD continues to self-manage the HOA to reduce overall costs. If this strategy is maintained, these positions require more commitment than just attending BOD meetings. It is not unusual for some BOD members to spend 20+ hours in a month performing their duties. The cost savings of self-managing the HOA is estimated in the neighborhood of $200 in annual dues per lot. Therefore, these candidates are committing their time and talent to serve the HOA if elected. Take a look at the biographical sketches on the web site and then make it a priority to attend the Annual Meeting on September 23rd and vote for your candidate(s) of choice.
So far the three- year term candidate is Mary Howell, while the two-year term candidate is Gayle Orme and the one-year term candidate being Dan DuBose.
If you can’t attend the Annual Meeting and vote in person, you can appoint another lot owner or the Board of Directors to represent and vote on your behalf at the meeting using the Proxy that was mailed to you. Once again this year, for Proxies to be voted, they must be mailed to the HOA’s Secretary at the HOA address and postmarked no later than September 23, 2009 or the Proxy may be hand delivered to the Secretary no later than September 23, 2009 so they can be validated prior to the Annual Meeting. Of course, for proxies to be voted, the appointed individual(s) must be in attendance at the meeting!
Projects Update
The Board set aside $30,000 for 2009 Project Reserves. The 2009 Budget included $19,000 for project Reserves and the Board added $11,000 derived from the amount of 2008 revenues greater than budget and the amount of 2008 expenses less than Budget.
Projects approved for 2009 and Projects that have scope and cost estimating activities in progress are listed below:
Project C31 (Add Fourth Video high resolution zoomcamera to Video Surveillance System) has been completed. This project was recommended by the Community Watch Committee and approved by the BOD. Adding the fourth camera enables video coverage of both the inbound and outbound gates 24 hours/day plus the high resolution zoom camera enhances the potential of license plate capture of vehicles entering the community.
Project M21 (Repair Damaged Asphalt in several areas on South Harbor Watch Drive and High Lake Drive) is being managed by David Schroen and estimates for this work have been evaluated and the Project was approved by the BOD on June 11, 2009.. The scope of this project is to repair the damaged asphalt near Lots 037, 092 and 006. Phase one of the Project, repair damaged asphalt near lots 092 and 006 was completed the week of August 17.Phase two of this project, repair of damaged asphalt near lot 037 is tentatively scheduled for late fall pending construction activities on South Harbor Watch Drive near lot 20.
Project C32, which covers the one- time costs to initiate a new HOA Web Site, e.g, Set-up fee, gate house sign, etc. was approved by the Board June 24, 2009. This project is in progress and will be completed early in the fourth quarter 2009.Additional info on this project is covered in another article in this e-Newsletter.
Project M6 (Rip Rap Islands) is being managed by Doris Wilson and estimates for this work have been received. The BOD plans to communicate cost and scope details via the web site The BOD plans to communicate scope and cost details before the Annual Meeting via the web site to enable discussion at the meeting and also for feedback to occur ahead of any steps taken by the Board of Directors.
Project C22 (Replace 5 HP Inland Lake fountains upon failure with Lake Bottom Aeration) has been scoped and cost estimated. This project is a cost efficiency project that will result in energy cost savings without sacrificing aeration capability in the inland lakes. The BOD plans to communicate scope and cost details before the Annual Meeting via the web site to enable discussion at the meeting and also for feedback to occur ahead of any steps taken by the Board of Directors.
Projects C24 (Marina Pavilion Project) and C30 (Marina Fire Pit Project) as discussed at the 2008 Annual Meeting have been scoped and cost estimated. Van Hartsell is the Project Manager for this project. After meeting with the NC Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (NCDENR) Permitting Coordinators in March, Van is cautiously optimistic that the Pavilion could be located in the area of the right sand box as one faces the lake at the marina and the fire pit could be located at the left sand box. A Catawba River Basin Variance Request form must be submitted and granted before these projects can move forward but after meeting with the NCDENR folks we are encouraged that these projects are viable. The BOD plans to communicate scope and cost information before the Annual Meeting via the web site to enable discussion at the meeting and also for feedback to occur ahead of any steps taken by the Board of Directors.
Finally, Project C7 (Asphalt area to right and left of asphalt road at boat dock area) seems to have a greater approval challenge per NCDENR Permitting Coordinators. The current intent is to include the scope of this project into the Catawba River Basin Variance Request for the Pavilion and Fire Pit projects as a separate phase to see if a variance for this project might also be obtained.
Lot Owners are encouraged to provide their input to the HOA once all the facts concerning these potential projects have been communicated. Feedback would provide the Board a good perspective of the sentiment of the lot owners before any decisions are made with regard to these projects.
New HOA Web Site is on the Way
The Board of Directors in conjunction with the IT and Web Site Committee made the decision to change web site hosting entities during the May/June 2009 timeframe. This decision was made because of support issues with the current hosting entity.
Information on the new web site will be communicated at the Annual Meeting and via the minutes from that meeting.
But, we couldn’t resist providing you a preview of what and when web site stuff scooping the Annual Meeting. Some things will change and some will stay the same. The web site address, e-mail addresses of the Board and the e-Newsletter Editor plus the “look and feel” of the web site will change. There will be some new features that we hope all will find useful, e.g., the ability to place an ad, e.g., a “for sale” item on the web site. Basic information on the web site such as the legal documents, ARC Home Construction Guidelines, Budget info, Project Info, Annual Meeting minutes, etc. will still be available for review and download.
All Lot Owners will have to register on the new web site. We hear that registration on the new web site will begin November 1, 2009 and that the old web site will be shutdown on December 31, 2009. A link will be provided from the old web site to the new web site and that link will continue to be available for several months early 2010.
 Neighborhood Home Construction and Real Estate Update
Currently, there are Two (2) home sites that have construction work in progress .in varying stages. ARC has not received any home plans so far in 2009.
The active number of homes on the market is currently five (5). The number of active lots on the market is currently at fifteen (15). Some good news is that two homes were sold since the last e-Newsletter!
Remember, before construction begins a lot owner must comply with the requirements of the Architectural Review Committee. Home Construction Guidelines including the Home Construction Guidelines Checklist.
Home Construction Guidelines Checklist andthe Plan Approval for Property Upgrades, Additions, and/or Improvements are all available on the web site.
Overheard at the Marina
We have overheard that the construction on the Walmart in Troutman Towne Center and the 80-room Country Inn and Suites near Arby’s near I-77 Exit 42 is expected to begin early next year.We also hear that the developer (North Point) of the Troutman Towne Center  is only developing 40 of the 85 acres located off the northbound side of the interstate. The development includes space for a Walmart, restaurants, a hotel and additional retailers and room to grow.
We read where Troutman Town officials didn't have a clue who was hacking into the Richardson Greenway last week or why until the project was halfway done.
Hay covers the strip of ground the crew tore through in order to place a fiber optic cable 42 inches under the ground. A Local contractor, who was outbid for the project, said he was told the line would be leased to Google at a later date. Google's data center is in Lenoir.
The 74th annual Iredell County fair opened the first week in September at the fairgrounds in Troutman and runs through Saturday September 12. We hear that popular fair favorites that are making a return are lawn mower racing and bull riding. We are thinking about attending the lawn mower racing to see if any residents will enter their souped up machines this year.Other new attractions this year include R&S chain saw carving and nightly pig racing events — both on the hoof and in the water. See ya’ll there!!!!
Are you really out there???? Have you read the newsletters? Tell us what you like or dislike. Anything else you would like to see included? We promise we will read and perhaps even re-read all e-mails to the editor. We might even respond. The response might even make sense. Send an e-mail to the editor and try us out! The editor even has an e-mail address!!!! You can e-mail the editor at:

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