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Thu, May 06, 2021

November 2009

This is the fourth and last e-Newsletter for 2009. So, let us be the first to wish all Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2010.

Annual Meeting Recap

Again, we will in no way try to provide an in-depth accounting of the annual meeting. Instead, we will do our best to communicate the hi-lights and provide those that were not able to attend a “sense” of the meeting.

This year’s meeting was well attended with about 40 folks taking part. Once again, the tone of the meeting was calm, just like last year, which may prompt the BOD to continue meeting at a Church location on a Sunday for a long time to come!

The committee chairs introduced their committees and then covered the hi-lights of their activities during the past year. Committee participation is how almost all of the work of the HOA gets accomplished. Volunteers enable the HOA to continue to be a self-managed HOA saving each lot owner at least several hundred dollars each year.

The BOD thanked all those that participated this past year and requested that they re-up for the coming year. The BOD also asked those that have not participated in the past to volunteer for the upcoming year including those who are not residents but live nearby.

The BOD also acknowledged that it was a challenge to get people to run for the BOD for this year’s open BOD positions. Therefore, the Nominating Committee is already seeking candidates for the 2010 BOD election. It is never too early to declare and there are no filing fees to run!

The BOD covered the many accomplishments for the past year as politicians almost always do (which you may glean from the meeting minutes since we are shooting for brevity in the e-Newsletter).

The Treasurer, Teresa Hinson, reported that the 2009 expenses are forecast less than the budget and revenue forecast is greater than the budget. The Board approved 2010 budget will keep the annual dues at $550.00 for the upcoming year (2010). After the ovation subsided, the 2010 budget was ratified by acclamation.

On a political note, Mary Howell was elected to a three (3) year term, Gayle Orme to a two (2) year term and Dan DuBose was elected to a one (1) year term. Counting proxies and attendees, nearly 33% of the lots participated in the election.

During the New Business Discussion, several topics were addressed. First, the HOA is migrating to new Web Site and Lot Owners may begin registration now. Navigation to the new web site can be accomplished via a link on the old web site. The old web site will be discontinued 12/31/2009. Then, four potential significant projects being considered by the HOA were discussed at length. The four potential projects are a pavilion at the marina, a fire pit at the marina, rip rap the large island in Lake Norman and replacing some of the inland lake fountains upon failure with lake-bottom aeration. After the discussion a straw vote was taken so the BOD could gain feedback from the attendees on each project. The marina pavilion project and rip rap the large island had the most support from those attending the meeting. The BOD stated that they would solicit feedback from all the lot owners via the new web site as input to their project prioritization process early 2010.

The Open Discussion was not nearly as lively as last year, which made the BOD happy.

The Board began by stating that Duke Energy has been contacted concerning the numerous power outages we have experienced. Duke Representatives stated that they have taken two steps to improve reliability. First, they have trimmed the entire wood line of the circuit that feeds Harbor Watch. Second, they relocated the circuit from Troutman to the new substation near Perth Road. However, Harbor Watch is at the very end of the circuit and therefore at higher reliability risks in the event of ice storms, high winds, etc.

A lot owner suggested that a trial application of lime, fertilizer and seed be used to improve some of the bare spot areas in the community. The BOD stated that a project similar in scope was canceled early this year when the BOD concluded that even using hydro-seed, results were still risky due to rainfall uncertainty. The BOD did agree to survey lot owners so they might weigh in on the question and provide feedback to the BOD prior to the fall of 2010.

After the President reminded everyone that the six o’clock hour was rapidly approaching, the motion to adjourn was quickly made, seconded and by resounding yea vote the meeting came to quick closure.

When Your Address Changes, let us know!

If the HOA doesn’t have your correct mailing address we can’t communicate, provide special notices such as the notice of Annual Meeting, dues statements, etc. Regarding dues statements, be aware that late fees and interest are not waived if your address changes and you fail to notify the HOA.

Although the HOA will make best effort to locate a lot owner, it is still the responsibility of the Lot Owner to provide change of address to the HOA. If the HOA cannot locate a lot owner by the end of July each calendar year, collection of delinquent accounts is turned over to the HOA attorney at substantial expense to the Lot Owner.

So, be sure that the HOA is on your list to be notified when your address changes (that includes e-mail addresses too) so we all keep our headaches to a minimum. It can get expensive if the HOA has to turn over a delinquent account to the attorney for collection.

Managing Turn Around Expectations or when can you expect a response when you contact the BOD?

It is not unusual for an e-mail to arrive in the BOD’s electronic in-basket late Friday afternoon requesting an immediate if not sooner reply. The BOD has even been referred to as “you people” when a response doesn’t happen at light speed. Guess it’s the sign of the times, and it just shows the expectations today in this fast-paced electronic world.

First, BOD members are volunteers. Second, BOD members are actually your neighbors in the community. You can bet that the BOD is generally not logged in waiting to respond to e-mail requests. In fact, the reason the BOD lives in Harbor Watch to begin with is to escape the fast-paced electronic world. So when an e-mail request arrives we are likely on the lake, the golf course or out shopping. Now that we got that off our chest, just how quick can you expect a turn around to an e-mail request? It depends.

It depends on how simple or complicated the e-mail request is. A BOD member will generally respond in 2-3 business days to a simple request (example, “What is the combination to the storage area lock?”) but it might take 3-6 business days or longer if the request is complicated.

Also, don’t forget that each Lot Owner has been provided their very own “go to” Board of Directors contact in the post annual meeting letter mailed in October. So, if you like speaking with a live person you may contact your “go to” BOD member direct via telephone or you can also e-mail when you have that burning question that needs immediate attention!

Work Day & Oktoberfest

Once again the weather gods did not smile upon this event. Inclement weather prompted the rain date of October 17 to be used. The weather was not much better that week-end to the point that Oktoberfest actually took place in the Wilson’s garage. The gathering was small but lively so we heard.

The BOD decided that going forward, work-day would be decoupled from the spring and fall socials. Instead of a work day per se, Maintenance and Grounds will schedule work-day type projects on schedules those Committees prefer. A form for lot owners to alert Maintenance issues to the Maintenance Committee has been implemented on the web site. Be aware that those who submit maintenance opportunities are likely candidates to participate in addressing those opportunities!

Overheard at the Marina

Overheard at the Marina is intended to be partly  “tongue in cheek” material that adds some not too serious stuff to the e-newsletter.

We have overheard that the Holiday Social will be on December 12th.  Mark it on your calendars!

On a political note, John Adams once stated “In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is a congress”.

We hear that the Grounds Committee is very pleased with their latest holiday creation at the front entrance.

We read that a “Christmas Wonderland of Lights” with over one million lights has opened in Troutman on Oswalt-Amity road near I77 exit 42.The two mile drive through the display of lights concludes with a football field length display show set to music by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Admission is $5 per person or a max of $20 per vehicle with part of the admission supporting local school PTA organizations.

Just remember even in Iredell County, you might be a redneck if your Christmas tree is still up in February, your favorite Christmas present was a painting on black velvet or RED MAN sends you a Christmas card!

Neighborhood Home Construction and Real Estate Update

Currently there are two (2) home sites with construction work in progress in varying stages. ARC has received and approved the firsthome construction package received in 2009.

Remember, before construction begins an owner must comply with the requirements of the Architectural Review Committee. Home Construction Guidelines, Home Construction Guidelines Checklist and the new Plan Approval for Property Upgrades, Additions, and/or Improvements are available on the web site.

Are you really out there???? Have you read the newsletters? Can you read? Tell us what you like or dislike. Anything else you would like to see included? We promise we will read and perhaps even re-read all e-mails to the editor no matter the quantity or how voluminous they may be! We might even respond. We might even publish some. We are patiently waiting in anticipation of any and all letters to the editor!

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