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Mon, Jun 01, 2020

Picnic Area at Community Boat Ramp

Picnic Area at the Community Boat Ramp Guidelines

The following Guidellines pertain to the Picnic area located at the Community Boat Ramp 

  • Reservations are needed for groups of 10 or more on weekends
  • HOA stickers are required on vehicles and trailers
  • Homeowners are require to haul away gargage and clean picnic area
  • Guideline #4
  • Guideline #5
  • etc.

Please contact HOA Board member, (insert name) via email (insert email) or phone (insert phone #) to reserve Picnic Area.

The following dates have been reserved for 2017:

Date #1:  Homeowner Name
Date #2:  Homeowner Name

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