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Thu, May 06, 2021

Realtor Information

Harbor Watch HOA
Realtor Information

The purpose of the Realtor info page is to provide Realtors with a home page to provide quick links to Harbor Watch information that has most been requested or accessed by Realtors.  The links below enable Realtors to contact the Board of Directors, The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and the Maintenance Committee.

The Board of Directors may be contacted Click Here

Typically, ARC is contacted to obtain FOR SALE signs.   FOR SALE sign Information can be found Click Here

ARC can be contacted Click Here

Realtors are issued an Entrance gate code upon request that is unique to each Realtor.  Realtors must agree to reasonable terms that are set forth by the Harbor Watch Homeowner's Association Inc. of Lake Norman to obtain and use their gate code.  A gate code may be obtained by contacting HOA Maintenance Committee.

Maintenance can be contacted Click Here 

Other links on the website are provided below to permit access to content most frequently requested by Realtors:

1.  Restrictive Covenants Click Here
2.  For Sale Sign Information Click Here
3.  Entrance Gate FAQ Click Here
4.  Construction Guidelines Click Here
5.  Harbor Watch Map Click Here

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